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Pixel Image Editor 1.0 Beta 7 build 699 26/10/07 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X

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Complete graphic editor for retouch and edit

Cyril Roger

  • Large range of tools
  • Lots of layers and effects
  • Workspaces
  • Too complex for most people
  • Cluttered interface
  • Long startup time
More author programs

Pixel is a RGB, CMYK and HDR image editing, photo retouching and manipulating program available for many operating systems formerly known as Pixel32.


  • Support for layers, channels, masks and selections
  • Color Management support for RGB, CMYK, Grayscale and CIE Lab modes (8-bit and 16-bit)
  • Support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) images with 32-bit/channel precision, HDR images in Pixel are editable in full HDR quality, not in 8-bit RGB as in competiting programs
  • Realtime live effects for layers (adjustments, effects), sets of live effects can be saved as layer Styles
  • Image browsing and searching
  • Includes variety of brushes, including full-color brushes and animated brushes
  • Brush retouching tools including special effects
  • Retouching set of filter plug-ins
  • Complex support for image slicing and image optimizations (GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP)
  • Direct editing of generated HTML code without destroying user’s additions
  • Support for clickable maps
  • Support for small animations for your web pages (animated GIFs)


  • 2.0
  • 2.0
  • usability4
  • Stability1
  • Installation8
  • Functionality5
  • Appearance5

Waste of time and money. This is undone product, very unstable and buggy. Author took money for software witch does not work (properly) and probably never will be

  • cold be a good piece of software if not tons of bugs
  • bugs, bugs, bugs
  • crashing every 10 mins
  • lack of communication with author
  • to expensive for quality
  • simply undone product

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16 Jan 2010

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